October Deals: ending soon

Savings Expire October 31st!
Get great deals on vises, broach holders and cutting tools.
For just a few more weeks, get great savings on the below items while quantities last! Contact the orderdesk today at (416) 675 – 7300 or request a quote now!

Kurt Vise D688 With 8.8 inch opening

$524 Only

Kurt Vise D688

With 8.8 inch opening, place your order while supplies last!


$825 Only

Somma Broach Holder ORB2

Plus get a half price broach with your holder purchase. Find out more about Somma broaching here.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 9.54.15 AM

20% Off

Micro 100

Big savings on several categories of Micro 100 tooling including all BB, IT, RR, T-blades, AR, BT, C, RT and box turning tools.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 4.16.03 PM

55% Off


A new line for SMS and we’ve been celebrating. Quality solid carbide cutting tools.

Creative Chemistry 
Stocking coolants, oils, lubricants and cleaners from Creative Chemistry Solutions! Unique products using cutting edge chemistry to increase tool life without harmful biocide, fungicide or chemicals.

Sandvik Tooling
We stock Sandvik for all your drilling, milling, reaming, turning, boring, toolholding, tailor made and engineered needs! Contact us with your application and we will quickly help you find a tooling solution.

Hardinge Workholding
We stock everything Hardinge from collets for lathes and screw machines to toolholders, power chucks, jaws and quick change systems. Get in touch today for pricing information and availability.

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