NSK America Launches iSpeed3 for Swiss-Style Machining

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iSpeed3 for Swiss-Style Machining

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NSK America is pleased to announce a new product in their line of industry leading, small footprint, Swiss-style turning machine spindle series.

The iSpeed3 series of spindles have sensorless motors and with their compact footprint and diameters of 19.05mm (.75”) to 25mm (98”), these spindles can machine from 1,000rpm-80,000rpm.  Based on the work envelope requirement, the spindles can have either right angle wiring or they can now be supplied with wiring that exits directly out of the back of the unit.

Designed to utilize up to a 4mm collet(std. 1/8” collet) the air-cooled motor can meet a variety of machining requirements with the ability to be supplied in over 15 different varieties, including self-contained flange mounts.

Created to meet the needs of high precision, Swiss-style machining, the iSpeed3 has a reputation for being a very reliable and durable spindle in various machining environments, including medical and aerospace applications

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