Creative Chemistry Solutions: Coolants, Oils, Lubricants and Cleaners

Creative Chemistry Solutions

Coolants, Oils, Lubricants & Cleaners: Unique products that increase tool life without harmful biocide, fungicide or chemicals.
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Creative Chemistry Solutions researches and develops innovative synthetic and oil based lubricants for automotive and diesel engine manufacturers, high precision aerospace components, general machining and numerous other markets.

Since 2001, Creative Chemistry (Burlington, Ontario) has leveraged its extensive chemical expertise providing customers unique & innovative solutions for their manufacturing & engineering environment.

Their goal is to design, engineer and replace competitive products with the most innovative science, research & chemistry available today.  They offer creative solutions to achieve quantifiable continuous improvement in quality, process & tooling cost that create a competitive edge in a competitive marketplace.

Call us to find out how you can reduce your tooling budget by as much as 10-50% and increase your bottom line.



Working Fluids

Water Based & Neat Oil

Products range from environmentally friendly to biostable, cost effective full synthetics.


Cleaning Fluids

Heavy Duty to General Purpose

Products range from heavy duty, to low foaming and general purpose metal cleaning.


Forming Fluids

All Metal use to Heavy Duty

Products are oil based and water dispersible with no sulphur or chlorinated additives.


Rust Preventives

All Metal use to Heavy Duty

Products range from water dispersible, medium to heavy duty and high concentrations.

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