Somma Broach Holder ORB2 Only $825

This Somma Broach Holder ORB2 is only $825. Plus get a half price broach with your holder purchase. This is a special offer from SMS Machine tools valid only until the end of the year, December 31st 2013.

  • This tool is used to produce hexagon, square and other irregular internal shapes in the workpiece as it is rotating in the spindle of the machine.
  • Minimal turret driving force is required due to the spindle offset which distributes the load of the cut.
  • The tool holder spindle, which is mounted in ball bearings, rotates freely with the workpiece and does not require auxiliary driving attachments.
  • Fine adjusting screws are provided for accurate aligning of the broach with the pre-drilled hole in the workpiece.
  • Can be used on B&S, Davenport, and multi-spindle screw machines, as well as turret lathes and CNC machines.

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