Iscar Inserts Discontinued: 5 Dollars Each

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Self Grip

GTR 2.4-4D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 2.4-4D IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GTN 8 IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GTN 6W IC354 for $5 (discontinued)

GTN 6 IC354 for $5 (discontinued)

GTN 5W IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTN 5 IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GTN 4W IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GTN 4 IC354 for $5 (discontinued)

GTN 3W IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GTN 3 IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GTN 3 IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GTN 2 IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GTN 2 IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GTL 5-8D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTL 5-4D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTL 4-8D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTL 3W-8D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTL 3-8D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTL 2-8D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTL 2.4-8D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTFG 6R IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTFG 6R IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GTFG 6LP IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTFG 5R-P IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTFG 5R-P IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GTFG 4R-P IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GSTN 3 IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFN 5B IC635 for $5 (discontinued)

GFN 4J IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFN 4 IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFN 4.8 IC354 for $5 (discontinued)

GFN 3J IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFN 3 IC28 for $5 (discontinued)

GFN 3B IC354 for $5 (discontinued)

GFN 3A IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFN 2J IC220 for $5 (discontinued)

GFN 2 IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFN 1.6 IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

SGTHR 2525-3 for $50

GFN 1.6 IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFL 4.8-8D IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFL 4.8-4D IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GFL 3-8D IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFL 3-4D IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFL 2S-15D IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFL 1.6-8D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GFG 4R IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GFG 4.0RP IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFG 4.0RP IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFF 5N IC354 for $5 (discontinued)

GFF 2R IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GFF 2N IC635 for $5

GTR 9-4D IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 8-4D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 5-8D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 5-4D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 4-4D IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 4-45D IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 4-15D IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 4-8W-8D IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 4-8-8D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 4-8-4D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 3W-8D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 3W-4D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 3-8D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 3-8D IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 3-4D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 3-4D IC20 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 3-15D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 3-15D IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 2-4D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

ISCAR Insert – Self Grip GTR 2-4D IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 2.4-8D IC656 for $5 (discontinued)

GTR 2.4-8D IC54 for $5 (discontinued)

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