Quick jaw change chucks

Samchully Machinery Co Ltd Quick Jaw Change Chucks

Premium quality workholding power chucks supplied to some of the world’s leading machine tool makers including Hyundai-Wia.

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Reduced set up time; all 3 jaws changed in less than one minute

Built-in safety mechanism prevents jaw movement to ensure proper jaw engagement

High alloy steel material and heat treatment increase robustness

Reboring of machine jaws unnecessary (tolerance within 0.02mm)

High T.I.R and repeatability

Quick Jaw Change Chucks

It is recommended to grease chucks at least twice a day in order to maximize longevity

Samchully Quick Jaw Change Chuck Dimensions 

samchully quick jaw change chuck dimensions

Samchully Quick Jaw Change Chuck Specifications

samchully quick jaw change chuck specifications

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