Vertical Turning Lathe Hyundai-Wia LV1400

The Hyundai-Wia LV1400 CNC Vertical Turning Lathe

The HYUNDAI WIA LV1400 Vertical CNC Lathe features a ram type configuration, which is perfect for heavy-duty cutting of large cylindrical parts.


Max Cutting Dia in(mm)
Maximum Swing in(mm)
Maximum Turning Length in(mm)
Chuck Main Spindle (in)
X-axis travel in(mm)
Z-axis travel in(mm)
Spindle Power hp (kW)

Maximum spindle speed


55.1 (1400)
57.1 (1450)
31.5 (800)
40″ (50″ opt)
43.3 (1,100)
31.5 (800)

  • Spindle – Multiple rows of roller bearings in the spindle head, ensure superior rigidity and precision, even when taking heavy-duty cuts.
  • Pre-tensioned & Double Anchored Ball Screw – All axis are driven by high precision double-nut ball screws.
  • Chuck – 40″ chuck standard, 50″ available as optional.

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