Vertical Machining Center Kitamura Mycenter-3XiF

The  KITAMURA Mycenter-3XiF Vertical Machining Center “Sparkchanger”

The  KITAMURA Mycenter-3XiF “Sparkchanger” Vertical Machining Center is the ideal machine for small to medium size workpieces with a spindle that can handle a variety of cutting materials and conditions, as well as more sophisticated die mold applications.


*All Dimensions noted are in inch

Table Size
Travel (X, Y, Z)
Spindle Taper
Spindle Speed
Tool Storage Capacity
Tool Change Time (T-T/C-C)
Rapid Feed (X, Y, Z)
Power Requirement

16.1” x 34.0” (410 x 864mm)
30” x 18” x 18.1” (760 x 455 x 460mm)
NST No. 40
20~15,000rpm (20~20,000rpm opt.) 30 Pcs. 1.2 Sec. /3.2 Sec. 1,969ipm (50m/min) X/Y x 1,417ipm (36m/min) Z

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