Vertical Machining Center Hyundai-Wia HI-MOLD450

HYUNDAI-WIA HI-MOLD450 CNC Heavy-Duty Vertical Machining Center

The HYUNDAI WIA Hi-MOLD450 Vertical Machining Center (Travels: 23.6” x-axis, 17.7” y-axis, 17.7” z-axis) is built upon a bridge type frame. The biggest benefit of a bridge type machining Center is the increased rigidity and less heat generated. Hence, it retains accuracy and repeatability at the highest levels.


X-axis travel in(mm)
Y-axis travel in(mm)
Z-axis travel in(mm)
X – rapid traverse ipm(m/min)
Y – rapid traverse ipm(m/min)
Z – rapid traverse ipm(m/min)
Table Size
(length × width)
Spindle RPM (opt)
Spindle Power hp (kW)

Spindle Power (opt)
ATC Capacity (opt)
Spindle Taper


23.6 (600)
17.7 (450)
17.7 (450)
1,969 (50)
1,969 (50)
1,969 (50)
33.5 x 19.7
(850 × 500)


  • High Speed LM Guide

Rapid High Speed axis movement is achieved by the use of linear motion guide ways, which reduces non-cutting time and decreases machining time for greater productivity.

  • Main Spindle  

By using ultra precision class angular ball bearings, fast acceleration and deceleration of the main spindle is achieved.

  • 40,000K Spindle (opt)

Available with a 40,000 rpm spindle for machining precision molds with superior surface finish.

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