Vertical Machining Center Hyundai-Wia F500VM

HYUNDAI-WIA F500VM CNC Vertical Machining Center

(X-axis, 43”, Y-axis, 22”, Z-axis, 20”) is an all new CNC vertical machining center developed to offer premium performance at an affordable price. With an expanded Y-axis for increased capacity, the F500VM is bundled with several high-performance options as standard.


X-axis travel in(mm)
Y-axis travel in(mm)
Z-axis travel in(mm)
X – rapid traverse ipm(m/min)
Y – rapid traverse ipm(m/min)
Z – rapid traverse ipm(m/min)
Table Size
(length x width )
Spindle RPM (opt)
Spindle Power hp (kW)

Spindle Power (opt)
ATC Capacity (opt)
Spindle Taper


43.3 (1,100)
21.7 (550)
20.5 (520)
1,418 (36)
1,418 (36)
1,182 (30)
47.2 x 21.6
(1,200 x 550)
10,000 (12,000)

BBT #40
  • 30 Tool ATC

Largest capacity among all machines in its class, offering increased flexibility.

  • Thru Spindle Coolant

Useful for deep hole drilling and helps increase tool life and decrease cycle time.

  • Big Plus Tooling 

Provides dual contact between the spindle face and the flange face of the tool holder.

  • Rigid Tapping

Eliminates the need for special tooling. Consistent and accurate tapping increases tap life and reduces the machining cycle time.

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