Horizontal Machining Center Hyundai-Wia KBN135

The HYUNDAI WIA KBN135 Horizontal Machining Center


The HYUNDAI WIA KBN Series of Horizontal Boring Mills feature a moving column design, which provides increased rigidity and a reduction in heat generated. Hence, it retains accuracy and repeatability at the highest levels of machining.

Description (unit)

Table Size (length × width)

Max. load on table lbs (kg)
X-axis travel in(mm)

Y-axis travel in(mm)
Z-axis travel in(mm)
X,Y – rapid traverse
Z – rapid traverse
Spindle Taper

ATC Capacity (std)
ATC Capacity (opt)


(2,000 × 1,800)
22,046 (10,000)
78.7 (2,000)
63 (1600)
315 (8)
316 (8)
60, 90

Air Semi-Rising Slide Way
By adapting the “semi-rising sliding ways” the load on the X and Z-axis slide way is decreased enhancing the KBN’s ability to hold tolerance and repeatability over longer cycle times.

Extended Slide Way (KBN135CL) 
The slide ways of the KBN135CL have been extended by 1000 MM in the X-axis and 400mm in the Z-axis making it possible to machine larger work pieces.

3 Step Gear Drive 
The KBN135 Series is designed with a 3-step gear drive, providing both high spindle speed and high low end torque.

Tool magazines can be supplied to hold 40, 60, 90 or 120 tools.

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