CNC Lathe Turning Center Hyundai-Wia KIT200

The HYUNDAI WIA KIT200 CNC Lathe Turning Center

The HYUNDAI WIA KIT200 Series of compact CNC Lathes all feature gang-type block tooling, which is ideal for processing small diameter, high-precision parts.


Swing over the bed
Maximum turning length
Chuck Main Spindle (in)
Chuck Sub-Spindle in(mm)
Bar capacity in(mm)
X-axis travel in(mm)
Y-axis travel in(mm)
Z-axis travel in(mm)
ZB-axis travel in(mm)
X – rapid traverse ipm(m/min)
Y – rapid traverse ipm(m/min)
Z – rapid traverse ipm(m/min)
ZB – rapid travers ipm(m/min)
Spindle Power hp (kW)

Maximum spindle speed
Sub-Spindle Power hp (kW)
Maximum sub-spindle speed


12.6 (320)
3.54 (90)

1.26 (65)
7.87 (200)

5.51 (140)

945 (24)

1,181 (30)


Gearless Spindle

Designed for high precision applications, with features that ensure minimal thermal growth at high speeds.

Pre-tensioned & Double Anchored Ball Screw

All axis are driven by high precision double-nut ball screws.

High Speed LM Guide 

Rapid High Speed axis movement is achieved by the use of linear motion guide ways.

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