TChuck Size 12" 2-Axis Horizontal Turning Centers Hyundai-Wia L300LC 2-Axis Horizontal Turning Centers


L300C | L300LC

High-performing Turning Center, designed with advanced technology, shows great performance in rigidity and precision

  • Sturdiness secured through the adoption of an all Axis box guide
  • Highly accurate direct link and highly sturdy all-in-one structure
  • Highly accurate pretension double-anchor method
  • Minimized heat deformation in the main spindle
  • Gearless type main spindle models are all equipped with a mill turret.
  • Big Bore Spindle (L300C Series)

Technical details

Max Turning Diamm560560
Max Turning Lengthmm7201320
Chuck Sizeinch12″12″
Driving Method-GEARGEAR
Spindle RPMr/min30003000
Spindle OutputkW26/2226/22
Spindle TorqueN.m1131/9571131/957
Rapid Travel(X/Z)m/min20/2420/24
Slide Type-BOXBOX
No. of ToolsEA1212
Tool Sizemm25/5025/50

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