Takamaz Experts in CNC lathes
Controlled by computer, CNC lathes have a high cutting accuracy, to micron level. They are indispensable for manufacturing processes connected with the automobile and electric appliance industry. Japan has the top market share in CNC lathes.

Features of Takamaz CNC lathes
The CNC lathe with a 6-inch chuck is Takamaz’s main model. It’s rather small in size compared to other brands and comes in a wide range of models (20 different available). Automated devices (robots, measuring devices) can also be added to the product line and production systems as well.

Specializing in automated products
With Takamaz automated systems, all units are standardized. By combining them with the main machine, the automated system can easily be developed to meet individual customer needs. Their systems are very competitive in performance and price.

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